Friday, 8 July 2011

Curtain Up - it's my cue!

And so I gingerly enter the blogosphere rather like the first man into space; not entirely sure of what I'm getting myself into. But hey ho, here we go.
I have been lucky enough, in my short space of time on this planet, to have been taken to many plays, musicals, dance and opera shows... basically any stage-based activity. From Broadway to the West End (separated only by a pond I'm told - Geography was never my strong point though...) I have been incredibly fortunate in what I have been able to see, and have grown a deep-rooted and intense passion for the theatre. This is what I would like to share with the blogosphere (good name, guys); I would like to share my passion!
Ugh, I was never much good at beginnings - but forgive the cheesiness & bear with me! I will review, I will pass comment, I will moan and I will rejoice, and I will endeavour to share with you all my theatrical experiences, from Shakespeare to Sondheim. I would be honoured if you would read along.
So here I am, ready, set. Wish me luck, and please, enjoy. GO.
Next (and first), the great man himself; Shakespeare.

West End Girl x