Saturday, 22 September 2012

Lots of Personifying Capitals in This Post

Hello Blogworld,

In case you haven't noticed, there has been a somewhat longer than usual gap in communications. This is mainly due to something someone invented a while ago called 'A Levels'.
I hate that someone. I really do.

The truth is, some students just don't suit this education system. I'm not one of them (blagging my way through exams since 2004), but I can undoubtedly recognise the 'symptoms', if you will, in some of my friends. Exams don't float their boats; they under-perform, they stress out, they panic. Give them a project, on the other hand, and they fly. This is something that the International Baccalaureate seems to have nailed - interspersing creative and self-driven projects with traditional exams. I wish the A Level system had more flexibility in this area... it then might be enjoyable rather than simply something to get through in order to get to University. With a capital U.

That's the other blockage at the moment - University. UCAS forms, Personal Statements, References - all these are words that if I hear again in this lifetime, I may just break down, then and there.
I am currently involved in what my school charmingly calls 'The Oxbridge Game'. That means I have decided to pursue a seemingly futile and foolish hope that one of the two greatest universities in the UK might actually want to teach me. As each week passes the odds seem to be stacked ever less in my favour.
And it is indeed a game. People try to second guess the admissions tutors; they try and balance out their Statement in favour of certain things; the References are all glowing. So y'know. May the best human win.

Hence my prolonged absence from a) the blogging world and b) the actual theatre world. Sad times.
BE NOT AFEAR'D! It all looks like it's kicking off again.
But then so's school.
So that's my excuse. Take it or leave it.

I will blog only when I have time and inclination, and as much as I love it, I also accept that this year is a ridiculously important year. I will look back at it and laugh during my finals, but at the mo, it's all anyone is talking about. So to stop it doing my head in, I just have to get on with it with my head down, barrelling through Life.

Keep projecting,